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Divorce During Covid-19 or a Pandemic

Find How New Port Richey Riders Can Improve Safety When Using Rideshare Apps

Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services have become increasingly popular throughout the U.S. in recent years and New Port Richey is no exception.  The convenience these applications offer is unmatched. However, recent studies show that while helpful, these rideshare apps can also present an increasing likelihood of danger for many users. Specifically, violent crimes and motor vehicle...Read More

Tampa Legal Guide for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence? Domestic Violence, also known as intimate partner violence, involves an act of violence specifically against family or a household member. When most people think of domestic violence, they envision women being abused, most of the time by men. However, Tampa statistics, which are in line with national statistics, indicate that men are victims...Read More

Do I Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida?

How Does Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage Work and Pitfalls to Avoid

The events during and after a motor vehicle accident can be chaotic and traumatic. You are entitled to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Florida, even if you do not have health insurance and regardless of who was at-fault for causing the accident. It is a required coverage under every car insurance policy in Florida. Although things may...Read More

Jurisdiction and UCCJEA and PKPA

The UCCJEA is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. This act helped combine the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) with the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA). There were differences between these two acts pertaining to the priority and the exclusive jurisdiction of a state to a case. The PKPA prioritizes the home state of...Read More

Jurisdiction and Residency

The state of Florida, like any other state, has certain jurisdictions for courts over cases. Jurisdiction in the law is the authority of the courts to try cases on legal matters within a specific area and over certain kinds or types of legal cases. In this case, jurisdiction pertains to family law and the dissolution of marriage....Read More

Time sharing and Military Service

Time sharing and parental responsibility can become major topics of discussion in the dissolution of a marriage. The Florida Statute title VI, chapter 61, section 61. 13002, specifically addresses the military circumstances and situations that would impact and affect any kind of time sharing or child support. However, there are certain stipulations under this statute that can...Read More

Guardian Ad Litem

In some cases, a court will appoint the guardian ad litem to a minor child involved in a dissolution of marriage. A court will determine whether or not one is needed, based on what is in the child’s best interest. Ad litem is Latin, meaning “to suit” therefore direct translated, it means a guardian to suit the...Read More


Alimony is a common topic discussed in dissolution of marriage proceedings. Although it can be associated with child support and children, in some circumstances it is just between the individuals of each party. Alimony in general, is the provisions or support ordered by the court for one party to pay the other for support after a marriage...Read More

Who Gets the Family Pets in a Divorce?

Today, our family pets seem like a member of the family rather than a piece of property. When going through a divorce, this differentiation can be very challenging as pets come with emotional attachments and are not seen as items of possession. However, in Florida divorce law pets are considered property. Therefore, judges do not make rulings...Read More

Who Gets the Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings can have special emotions and prices attached. Ownership of an engagement ring is a topic commonly discussed when dealing with divorce and separation. Engagement rings typically come with a high price and the condition of marriage. Each case differs depending on the circumstances of the relationship. However, in the state of Florida engagement rings are...Read More


Relocation can be a difficult subject to consider when going through a separation or divorce. Under Florida Statute §61.13001, there are many necessities and stipulations required for parental relocation with a child. The first section under this statute goes over the definitions to help better explain the conditions of the act. The most important definition provided is...Read More

Mandatory Disclosure Rule

Throughout any divorce or separation, you are bound to hear the words “mandatory disclosure” brought up. In the state of Florida, there is actually a Mandatory Disclosure Rule. This rule requires that both parties in a family law case provide specific and certain documentation to the other party. This is so each are fully informed about the...Read More

Best Interest of the Child Standard

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