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What to Do First to Assist Your Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa Bay

It’s important to contact a lawyer quickly after an auto accident. However, there are some things that are naturally going to come first, such as exchanging insurance, reporting the crash to your own insurance company, and having yourself cleared by a doctor. You can help your lawyer and your case by doing the following between the time of the accident and the time you seek representation.

If you are at the site of the collision:

  1. Allow emergency responders to inspect you if you are injured in any way before attempting to leave your vehicle. Call them yourself if you are unsure if the accident has been reported
  2. Collect as much information as possible from the crash site. Make sure you get insurance information from the other driver and their license plate number just in case. Take photos of the crash with your mobile phone from as many angles as you can.
  3. Contact your insurer when you are done inspecting the crash site. Do not admit fault when speaking to your insurer, even if you suspect you may be responsible for the accident. The other driver may also have been violating the law.
  4. Schedule a complete medical examination. Not all injuries are apparent at the time of the accident. This is particularly true of injuries that involve the head, neck, and spine.

If you were taken directly to the hospital:

  1. Request a complete examination, including scans. Notify your doctor that you have just been involved in an automobile accident, and ask them to recommend any tests that you should have. Ask for records of all tests that are done, and make copies that you can leave with your lawyer
  2. Report your auto accident to your insurance company if you were not able to do so at the site of the collision. Do not admit fault. If you do not remember the crash, do not attempt to guess at details. Don’t provide any details if you are uncertain of their accuracy.
  3. Contact a friend or professional who can take photos of the crash scene while it’s still fresh. Request copies of the police report if that is your only option for investigation.

Common Types of Tampa Auto Accidents

Rear Impact Collisions

Rear impact collisions are almost as likely as a collision to the front of a vehicle.  They can include a fender-bender, a driver distracted by an increasingly digital lifestyle, or a sudden stop to traffic.  Almost all accidents hitting a car from the rear are caused by the driver behind the impacted car.  This means that a rear-impact collision should be categorized as an at-fault scenario.

Whiplash and soft tissue damage are common injuries that occur in rear-impact collisions, typically affecting the driver and passengers of the car that has been hit.

Front Impact Collisions

Front-impact collisions allow a driver to see the accident as it is about to take place, giving both passengers and the driver time to prepare their bodies somewhat for the shock of the collision.  The reaction is to brace the body, which allows you to somewhat absorb the shock from the impact.  Front-impact collisions often include other cars, trees, road obstructions, and animals.

Head, neck, back, spine, shoulder, and injuries to the legs and knees are the most common injuries experienced in a front-impact collision.  It is always in your best interest to seek help from a medical professional to ensure you do not suffer a concussion, internal injuries, dislocations, or any other medical problems.

Side Impact Collisions

In a side-impact collision, grave injuries to the head will often occur as the driver’s head will strike something like the door or window.  The vehicle can be impacted by either the front or back of another vehicle, and it may even be a fixed object.  Vehicle damage will be severe, and the parties on the impacted side of the automobile will find they have far worse injuries.

Possessing knowledge will help you learn to avoid accidents while on the road.  Still, you will only ever be able to control your own car.  An auto accident can easily happen.  Depending on your case and the severity of all damages and injuries, there may be complex litigation involved.  Handling the case on your own will likely result in reduced compensation for injuries and damages.  At Hunter Law, we navigate the complexities, allowing you time to concentrate on a complete and expedient recovery.

Common Injuries from Car Accidents

Accident claims are often filed so that the recovered funds can be used to cover medical costs. Catastrophic injuries can result from car accidents, including many that require physical therapy, comprehensive corrective surgeries, and lifelong management. If your medical exam has revealed any of the following injuries, you should mention it to your car accident lawyer.

Spinal Injuries involving the back, neck, and head: Few injuries are more serious than those involving different areas of the spine. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in car accidents and can involve a significant amount of pain and recovery time. More serious injuries to the spine can result in permanent conditions, including paralysis.

Limb Damage: Damage to the arms and legs is often professionally threatening in addition to being incredibly painful. Damage, including broken bones and nerve pain, can make working difficult or even impossible for up to years after the injury. A car accident case may be the only way to cover the costs of long-term unemployment and medical bills.

Brain Injury: Even mild brain injuries can cause serious pain. Severe or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) can lead to lifelong physical and mental anguish. It may not be possible to restore full motor function in all brain injury cases, and that can mean lifelong challenges in daily life and in the workplace.

Wrongful Death: Car accidents are among the most common causes of death in the United States. Negligence is involved in many of these deaths, making those who caused the accident accountable to the loved ones left behind when negligence results in deaths.

Tampa Bay Auto Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Personal injury suits can only be filed under certain conditions. In Florida, you must be covered by PIP to drive legally. Those benefits will cover a portion of any losses from the car accident, including damage to the vehicle and medical injuries. Suing is an option after PIP benefits have been exhausted and if the crash resulted in a permanent injury.

Other factors may determine whether you have standing to sue. If you want the most accurate answer, you’ll need to speak to a Tampa personal injury lawyer and provide all the details that are requested. Our lawyers can tell you if you have a case and what your case may be worth based on the injuries or expenses involved.

Don’t be concerned if you think you don’t have the funds for a lawyer. All of our car accident consultations are completely free of charge. Contact us today.

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