Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bites can result in far more painful and long-lasting injury than some people might expect. Even a single bite by a dog can result in serious muscle and tissue damage, or serious infections during the recovery process. It can cause long-term nerve damage to the hands that make working difficult, sometimes enough to require a permanent change in career. A more aggressive attack can mean even more serious damage to the body, which may require extensive medical treatments and physical therapy.

The danger of dog bites doesn’t end with the physical damage, however. A violent attack can cause long-lasting psychological problems that may make it difficult to leave the house, to work properly or to manage outdoor interactions that may constantly involve unwanted contact with dogs. Long-term mental health care may be necessary to fully recover from the trauma of a dog bite attack.

If you need help after an attack, please contact our dog bite attorneys in Tampa, Florida. Our Tampa team of personal injury lawyers have worked with many dog bite victims, and we understand the unique injuries that are involved in these types of cases. We can discuss your injury with you during a free consultation if you contact us right now.

What to Do After a Dog Attack in Florida

You can assist your dog bite injury attorney by following these steps as soon as possible after an attack. If you want help right away, you can call to get answers to any questions, and mo