Tips for Properly Handling a Dog Attack

Dogs are cute and fun but some can be aggressive at times. Unfortunately, a dog attack can occur so we thought it would be helpful if we provided a list of safety tips.

Stay Calm at All Times 

When you think there is potential for a dog attack, always stay as calm as possible. Dogs can take human actions caused by fear, such as running or yelling and interpret those as aggression. In order to avoid making matters worse, you should try to mask your fear and focus on the situation at hand in a calming manner.

Distract the Dog

Try to find something the dog can attack in place of your body such as a purse or large stick. A diversion could allow for enough time for you to escape the situation and find safety.

Try to be Still To Avoid a Dog Attack

When faced with a scared or aggressive dog, it is very important to keep still. The reason being is the lack of movement will hopefully convey to the dog that you’re not a threat. Second, if the dog actually intends to attack you, your lack of movement could cause the dog to become uninterested. Some dogs have an intense hunting instinct, and they expect their prey to run. If you refuse to move, a dog might think you aren’t worth hunting or going after.

If you are actually attacked by a dog, it’s important that you get medical attention right away. After you see a doctor, you should discuss the dog attack with a qualified personal injury attorney. An attorney will be able to tell you the best way to handle the attack from a legal perspective. Contact Hunter Law. We will handle your case appropriately. Call 844.Hunter.Law