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Hunter Law

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver individualized solutions to our clients consistent with our core
values: Integrity, Stability, Efficiency, Reliability and a Commitment to Excellence.

Our History

Hunter Law was established by Regina Powers Hunter, Esq. to serve the needs of individuals in and around Tampa Bay who sought advice on Family Law matters. As she built relationships with people and helped them with life after divorce, Regina noticed that a single act of negligence could cause people to slide backward due to unforeseen injury or loss. Hunter Law began to evolve into a staunch ally for family law and an indispensable resource for victims of accidents.

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Our Evolution

Mrs. Hunter decided to offer additional personal injury legal services for clients who did not know where to turn. The Personal Injury Lawyers in Hunter Law bring tenacity, compassion, and a holistic approach to representing people injured due to the negligence of others. The team helps people who have been injured in automobile accidents, people who have suffered due to the inappropriate care of a medical professional, and individuals who have suffered grave brain injuries.

Commitment to Excellence

Trust and reliability are great assets; positive results for clients are even better. Hunter Law’s diverse, accomplished attorneys have committed to being the best in their practice areas. They have received countless awards for their professional performance and continue to deliver successful outcomes for clients – which are the awards that matter the most.

Our Ethos


Hunter Law recognizes that every problem brought to us is different: you, your circumstances, and the details of the case. We focus on getting to know you and guiding you through to a successful outcome. That process depends on trust, experience, and especially a commitment to integrity that ensures your needs come first.


Whether Hunter Law is handling your family law or personal injury issue, we understand that our clients’ lives are unsettled until everything is resolved. We work hard to make sure that you know what to expect and that we can be your most trusted, stable partner when you need it most.


Legal issues of all sorts are often grueling, but issues with family law and personal injury can take even more time and energy. Hunter Law is sensitive to your needs and commits to serving you as quickly and efficiently as possible through your difficult time.


Hunter Law has earned a reputation for reliability from our clients – and we’re extremely proud of that. Our clients know that they can trust us and that we have their best interests in mind with everything we do for them. Navigating the law isn’t easy; we make sure you have a partner you can count on.