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Hunter Law was built on a foundation of integrity, stability, efficiency, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.

The team at Hunter Law understands that legal issues aren’t just a series of filings and chess moves; they’re significant, personal issues that dramatically affect your life. We harness a passion for getting to know our clients, their needs, and their optimal outcomes as we guide you through the process and resolution so you can get on with your life.

As a top law firm in Tampa, FL, we are providing the best legal representation. Whether you need a personal injury attorney, a medical malpractice lawyer, or have a family law issue in the Tampa Bay area, we are committed to being the top choice for legal services in our community.

Our mission is to develop and deliver individualized solutions to our clients that are consistent with our core values.

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Personal Injury Law

Finding the right personal injury law firm can be intimidating, especially since your case can be harmed the longer you wait. Any attorney you choose must be experienced, successful, and aggressive, all while offering you attentive service. At Hunter Law, we’re known for being the top personal injury attorneys in Tampa, dedicated to providing the best legal support for your case. Whether it’s a car accident, a slip and fall, or a case of medical malpractice, we are the best personal injury lawyers in Tampa, ready to act swiftly and competently.

The team of legal professionals from Hunter Law possess these qualities. We are prepared to recover financial compensation for clients of our law firm in Tampa, Florida, who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Our proficiency covers a broad spectrum of incidents, ranging from offering legal services as a Tampa car accident lawyer to representing victims as a truck accident attorney in Tampa. Our commitment to you is unwavering; we fight tirelessly as your motorcycle accident lawyer or your advocate when seeking justice for traumatic brain injuries.

We understand the urgency of these matters, which is why our slip and fall attorneys and auto accident attorneys in Florida are ready to help you the moment you’ve been affected by an accident, including traumatic brain injury lawyer representation. Remember, contacting a lawyer quickly after a collision—whether it involves cars, trucks, or boats is important—to ensure your rights are fully protected.

By choosing Hunter Law, you’re not just getting a lawyer for personal injury; you’re gaining a partner in seeking the justice and compensation you deserve. Let us be your trusted advisor and defender in these critical moments.

Auto Accident Attorney

If you're involved in a vehicle collision, our top auto accident attorneys in Tampa will act swiftly to protect your rights and secure fair compensation.

Boating Accident Lawyer

Navigating Florida's waterways comes with risks; our experienced boating accident lawyers are prepared to advocate for your interests in the wake of a maritime incident.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can have severe consequences; rely on our skilled truck accident lawyers in Tampa to pursue the justice and restitution you deserve.

Slip And Fall Attorney

Our top slip and fall attorneys in Tampa are ready to support your claim with diligence, ensuring you receive the compensation you need for a swift recovery.

Family & Divorce Law

At Hunter Law, we understand that divorce and other Family Law issues are some of the most devastating events a family can experience. Once-happy couples fight over property, children, and even coffee cups. Our team, recognized as the best family lawyers in Tampa, approaches each case with a blend of compassion and legal acuity, whether it involves negotiating alimony, mediating child custody disputes, or managing the fair distribution of assets.

In nearly all Tampa family law actions, you are required to mediate and negotiate with your spouse first and foremost. That means you must trust someone who can efficiently, professionally, and fairly tailor an agreement to suit your needs. Our mediation attorneys are skilled in facilitating these discussions, striving to reach amicable solutions efficiently. We are committed to being the best at what we do, whether as your divorce attorney in Tampa, FL or when guiding you through the intricacies requiring a domestic violence lawyer.

For those facing the complexities of property division, our Property Distribution Lawyers ensure you receive your rightful share, upholding the principles of equity and fairness. When life’s circumstances necessitate a move, our Relocation Family Law Attorneys offer the best advice to navigate the challenges of relocating with children post-divorce, ensuring compliance with all legal standards.
We also provide specialized services for those who serve our country. Our Military Divorce Lawyers have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of military family law and are prepared to handle these sensitive cases with the utmost care.

At Hunter Law, you’re not just finding a lawyer—you’re discovering an ally in your family law matters. We stand ready to defend your interests and foster the outcomes you need to move forward with your life.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Hunter Law in Tampa, FL, specializes in guiding clients through respectful and constructive collaborative divorce agreements as an alternative to traditional methods for ending a marriage. What Is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce transforms the traditionally adversarial legal process into a cooperative, respectful negotiation between partners. Since before the introduction of Florida’s Collaborative Law Process Act […]

Mediation Attorney

Mediation is a strategic approach to resolving disputes, and our mediation attorneys are among the top in Tampa, Florida. They are adept at navigating complex negotiations to achieve a fair outcome.

Property Distribution Lawyer

In matters of property distribution, our lawyers stand as the best in Tampa to ensure an equitable division of assets.

Relocation Family Law Attorney

Our relocation family law attorneys provide the top legal guidance to safeguard your interests during a relocation process.

I would like to thank David for working with me through this divorce. I appreciate his honesty and straight forwardness with me and I was very comfortable talking to him. There was never a time where I had trouble getting in touch with him and his response times were prompt. Additionally, he worked my case even with a 6-hr time difference between us. His military background was a plus as well and I’m so happy we were able to settle in a timely matter. David and his staff have my recommendation if I ever need them again.

Not only is David competent, knowledgeable and proactive, he has the gift of a listening ear and sense of humor. He made a very trying period of my life (divorce),less stressful and I was fully informed every step of the way of the process. He handles opposing counsel with finesse, but is not afraid to go to bat for his client. I can’t say the whole situation was a great experience, but I feel with his guidance, I had the best possible outcome. His prior military background is an added bonus. Highly recommend!!


Not only is David competent, knowledgeable and proactive, he has the gift of a listening ear and sense of humor. He made a very trying period of my life (divorce),less stressful and I was fully informed every step of the way of the process. He handles opposing counsel with finesse, but is not afraid to go to bat for his client. I can’t say the whole situation was a great experience, but I feel with his guidance, I had the best possible outcome. His prior military background is an added bonus. Highly recommend!!

Jack Seal

I started my journey almost four years ago with David. A divorce that involved Military, children, and retirement was not easy to contest with. However, David took the time, explained everything step by step and even humored me with the “what if’s.” I told him what I wanted and we did not deviate from that course. He dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” and checked that punctuation. The exclamation point being me getting my kids! I then went back to David because I was moving and needed to request permission to leave the state. Once again, he told me the truth, that it was not guaranteed even if I had majority “time sharing.” Again, we stayed the course and with other circumstances that arose that benefited my position, David took full advantage of them putting to an end an almost 4 year battle. A battle which has blessed me with my kids, holding my ex accountable to her financial obligation to our kids, and the ability to move with them with out issue from my ex or the state. I am thankful for his hard work and dedication to my case and I am even more thankful that he helped secure my children and my continued growth in my career. Thank you….


Mr. Veentra was very diligent and precise! A fantastic attorney! It took me many years to find the right attorney to hold my ex accountable. Mr Veentra was patient and explained every step. He is a real go-getter and I would want him on my team! Thank you for helping me to finally get to this point! A fantastic, direct and thorough attorney!


Mr Veenstra was very thorough and straight to the point. He never mislead me and was absolutely correct on what was going to happen with my divorce case. He was able to negotiate and close my case in mediation and I am very greatful on the outcome. I highly recommend attorney David Veenstra!


Mr. Veentra is amazing! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is extremely professional and highly knowledgable. Him, being retired Air Force, helped me out a lot with my mil to mil divorce. Very flexible and will work with you through anything! Thank You Mr. Veenstra for your help and patience on my matter.


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