Final judgments are just as they sound – but sometimes significant factors in the case change, and these changes can call into question the appropriateness or implementation of a decision. The court may grant modifications to child visitation, parenting plans, child support and sometimes alimony, but only if you have experienced a substantial and permanent change in circumstances.

Modifying Parenting Plans

Not every change must be processed through a post-judgment modification; post-judgment issues can often be worked out through mediation or alternative methods of reaching a viable resolution. When it’s necessary to modify parenting plans, to make modifications to child visitation, time sharing arrangements, or financial agreements that are part of a permanent, binding judgment, it’s important to have experience and expertise on your side.

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Hunter Law will help you consider all your options in proceeding with a post-judgment modification and find the most effective path to deliver the right result. Whether the best way forward is mediation and mutual agreement or a court challenge, Hunter Law will deliver their full support.

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