Changes to brain function as the result of an external force (as opposed to an internal disease or condition) can be mild, such as in the case of lower-grade concussions, or extremely serious, which can result in memory loss, personality changes, and an inability to execute the core functions of the brain. A traumatic brain injury can be devastating.

Automobile and motorcycle accidents are frequently responsible for traumatic brain injuries, but physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities can be impaired by a broad range of trauma. Timely, advanced medical care and attention make a difference in treatment and prognosis, but it’s a long, intensive, and expensive process.

That’s why it’s critical to work closely with a personal injury attorney who understands the needs of victims of traumatic brain injury and their options for both treatment and compensation. Hunter Law’s expertise with traumatic brain injury cases can alleviate the burdens placed on victims and their loved ones as we pursue the resources for treatment and care together.

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