Common Injuries in Tampa Auto Accidents

A car accident can result in many injuries to different parts of your body.  The severity of all injuries will depend on the circumstance and the force of the impact.  But a close look at the type of insurance claims and personal injury claims filed will show that certain injuries are to be expected more often.  This article covers several common injuries resulting from auto accidents.

Injuries to the neck

Neck injuries stemming from an automobile accident include whiplash, neck strain, and more serious injuries like a cervical dislocation or an injury to a disc.  Cervical dislocation is the breaking of the neck or snapping of the spine in one fluid motion.

Injuries to the spinal cord

Damage to the spinal cord occurs when displaced fragments of bones, disc material or ligaments bruise or tear into spinal cord tissue.  This destroys the component in nerve cells responsible for carrying signals from your brain to all major organs in the body.  Spinal cord damage will often result in a loss of function or feeling to the extremities in an accident victim.

Injuries to your own mental wellbeing

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