Month: August 2022

Featured- Hundred dollar bills on desk- Alimony in Florida

Alimony in Florida

Getting divorced doesn’t necessarily mean the end of financial obligations between both parties. In many divorce cases, the court could award alimony to a financially needy spouse. That alimony must be paid by the financially able partner in the former couple. However, alimony is not always a permanent arrangement. Cohabitation

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Featured: Female in despair covering her face with her hands as male partner leaves with a suitcase- Abandonment Laws in Florida

Spousal Abandonment Laws in Florida

Divorce is always a complicated affair. Despite being a no-fault divorce state, many Florida marriages end in divorce for one or more concrete reasons. In some circumstances, one spouse may allege that the other “abandoned” them and cite this abandonment as a reason for initiating divorce proceedings. This article will

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