Month: October 2023

Featured: Judges gavel, money, Alimony paperwork on desk-What are your alimony options in a divorce in Florida?

What Are Your Alimony Options in a Divorce in Florida?

Getting divorced is a difficult process by itself, even without considering a topic like alimony, also called “spousal support.”  Whether you hope to receive alimony or know that you’ll have to pay it, it helps to understand your alimony options in a Florida divorce from the start. Let’s take a

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Featured: Medical malpractice lawyer at desk, judges gavel- When do you need a medical malpractice lawyer in Florida?

When Do You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Florida?

We collectively expect doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to provide us with 100% perfect care and attention. They have a duty to care for us when we are injured. However, not every medical professional does things properly, and it’s possible to be injured when you least expect it. If

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