Personal Injury Lawsuits

In a personal injury case, the person who has suffered an injury relies on the legal idea of negligence to determine another person’s fault for the accident. What are personal injury lawsuits?

What is negligence?  Negligence is a failure to take care to avoid causing injury or loss to another person.  There are four steps involved in proving negligence.  The person who was injured must prove:

  • That there is duty to protect individuals.
  • The inaction did not match the same actions of a reasonable person.
  • That the victim suffered injuries or loss which a reasonable person would have expected.
  • Damage was caused by a failure in duty to the victim.

The standard of care for a doctor is that expected of a competent practitioner of his or her specialty in medicine.  The actions of the doctor will be compared with the standard.  The court will always set the standard, not anyone from the profession.

What do the key elements mean in the sense of a personal injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit?

The Duty of Care in Personal Injury Lawsuits

For the victim in a personal injury case, demonstrating a failure to provide proper care requires showing that the defendant failed to give proper thought and planning to your safety under the circumstances.  What is the right standard of care in any situation?  In a car accident, a driver has a legal duty to operate the car with re