Health Issues After a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is a serious condition that can have repercussions across many different areas of your life. Because the spine is so important to almost all of the body’s functions, there are many potential complications that are associated with an injury. If you have suffered a back injury these can be either short term or long term problems. Regardless, it’s important to address them during recovery and rehabilitation.

Blood Clots

A spinal injury can leave a patient with limited or no mobility long after an accident has occurred. And this lack of movement is associated with an increased risk of blood clots. Patients with spinal cord injuries that result in mobility problems are typically prescribed medications. These medications will help prevent blood clots.


A severe injury affecting the spine can leave a patient with lots of negative emotions about the experience, including anger, sadness, fear, or stress. These can begin as temporary feelings. However they run the risk of developing into further emotional complications such as depression. It’s important that patients have a strong network of support from friends and family during their recovery period that can provide them with the emotional strength they need.

Asthma and Pneumonia

Typically during a spinal cord injury the muscles that a patient uses to breathe are injured as well. These muscle injuries can lead to complications such as asthma or pneumonia. Many times these patients will require the use of special assistance to help them with their breathing.

Urinary and Bowel Problems

Sometimes when a patient suffers a spinal cord injury, the nerves that help regulate urination and defecation are injured. This can lead to a loss of control of the bowels and bladder. Medication and catheters are often used to help solve these problems. In addition, drinking plenty of water and getting enough dietary fiber can help too.


Since a spinal cord injury can dramatically reduce a patient’s mobility, they often adopt a sedentary lifestyle.  This can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Obesity in these patients brings along with it a whole host of other possible complications. Heart disease and diabetes can result from obesity.

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