Common Injuries After a Semi Truck Accident

There’s no such thing as a good car wreck, but an accident involving a semi-truck can be particularly devastating. The weight and speed behind these large vehicles is more than enough to cause severe injury or even death. Over 500,000 people are involved in these wrecks and experience their effects each year.

Injuries Resulting From Semi Truck Accidents

There are many factors that affect what injuries a wreck with a semi-truck will create. Things like weather conditions, angle of impact, speed, and traffic density will all play a part in determining how much damage one of these accidents causes. Even with safety precautions, such as airbags and seatbelts, in place, serious damage is still commonly reported after a wreck. Here are just a few of the most prevalent injuries that people experience after a semi collision:  

  • Brain damage—which can range from a simple concussion to total loss of function
  • Injuries to the neck or spine—such as whiplash, or in extreme cases, spinal severing leading to paralysis
  • Internal organ damage—from the force of impact or moving objects
  • Limb damage—which can range from fractures to amputations
  • Bone fracture and breakage
  • Internal bleeding—which sometimes goes unnoticed
  • Paralysis
  • Per