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I would like to thank David for working with me through this divorce. I appreciate his honesty and straight forwardness with me and I was very comfortable talking to him. There was never a time where I had trouble getting in touch with him and his response times were prompt. Additionally, he worked my case even with…Read More


Not only is David competent, knowledgeable and proactive, he has the gift of a listening ear and sense of humor. He made a very trying period of my life (divorce),less stressful and I was fully informed every step of the way of the process. He handles opposing counsel with finesse, but is not afraid to go to…Read More

Jack Seal

Firstly, like many, my case was very ugly from the opposing side and I felt hopeless and lost. David not only told me what to do and how to present myself, the end result was literally, mind blowing. His professionalism and knowledge of family law is truly the only reason I have my kids today. If you’re…Read More


I started my journey almost four years ago with David. A divorce that involved Military, children, and retirement was not easy to contest with. However, David took the time, explained everything step by step and even humored me with the “what if’s.” I told him what I wanted and we did not deviate from that course. He…Read More


Mr. Veentra was very diligent and precise! A fantastic attorney! It took me many years to find the right attorney to hold my ex accountable. Mr Veentra was patient and explained every step. He is a real go-getter and I would want him on my team! Thank you for helping me to finally get to this point!…Read More


Mr Veenstra was very thorough and straight to the point. He never mislead me and was absolutely correct on what was going to happen with my divorce case. He was able to negotiate and close my case in mediation and I am very greatful on the outcome. I highly recommend attorney David Veenstra!


Mr. Veentra is amazing! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is extremely professional and highly knowledgable. Him, being retired Air Force, helped me out a lot with my mil to mil divorce. Very flexible and will work with you through anything! Thank You Mr. Veenstra for your help and patience on my matter.


David took over my divorce case well past the mid-way point which lasted close to 3 years. He is the “primary” reason my case ended in a successful and timely manner. My only complaint is that I wish I would have “started” working with him at the very beginning. From what I’ve read only 10%-15% actually ended…Read More


David was 100% super, I am privileged to have him as my council.   Mark Townshend President & CEO of Process Systems & Components, Inc.


David has helped me with my post divorce judgment. My case was very complicated, it had multiple motions, at the same time. I cannot express the gratitude and thanks to him, for the exceptional job, treatment, and the excellent care of my case. He has always shown consistency, in verbal and electronic communication. He was always focused…Read More


Divorce is a very emotional and stressful experience. Finding a good attorney is difficult at the best of times. I was extremely lucky after interviewing two other attorneys, I found David Veenstra. David was very sympathetic, professional and efficient. My case was concluded favorably, in a reasonably amount of time and at a reasonable cost. I would…Read More


As emotional as divorce can be, I was not in the best of head space to deal with a divorce, let alone all the ends and outs of it. I wanted to quite just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Robyn’s knowledge, competence and focus gave me the strength I needed to regain my confidence…Read More


Robyn worked very quickly to get my petition for relocation into the court for review. She was aware that I was looking at a unique window of opportunity to purchase a home in another state and she worked very hard to help me meet that deadline. Her team was very prompt in getting all documents to me…Read More


Robyn represented me in regards to Relocation with my daughter. The magistrate was unable to come to a decision the day of my final hearing, but I am hopeful and grateful no matter the outcome. Robyn made me feel comfortable and she did an outstanding job especially given the timeframe we had. She was thorough, attentive, and…Read More


Great Attorney, efficient and caring. She was able to prevent my Grandsons Mother from moving out of State with him until custody and visitation can be established.


Gina, and her office helped me thru a very difficult time in my life. during my divorce, unwinding a 35 year marriage is difficult enough but gina and her staff were amazing and help me protect my assets and helped me move on with my life and I have never been happier.


Regina Hunter and her associates were very professional, kind and compassionate during a very difficult time for me. Regina kept me informed and gave me great advice throughout the process. I am so grateful for everything she did for me.


I consulted with Regina regarding modification of my divorce. She gave me the best advice to try to avoid litigation and paying attorney fees!! I cannot thank her & her firm enough!


Regina was my saving grace. I thought I could handle on my own what was supposed to be an “uncontested” case. Long story, short, the case was contested and I ended up being strung along, but I was just not strong enough to manage the situation. Things only escalated and were getting worse after each interaction…


Amazing There is so much to say about Regina Hunter and Hunter Law Group! My initial meeting first of all i was 100% confident in her ability and services. She explained things and was right to the point did not “sugar coat” “fabricate” or give me false hope…


I can’t say enough about this firm. From beginning to end I was supported, communicated with, advised appropriately, and all concerns and questions addressed immediately. I firmly believe that I came out in the very best position possible in my divorce, and I had a ton on the line. I can move forward with much more confidence…Read More


Regina is tremendous. She is how lawyers should be.I was briefed on almost every possible outcome, I might face. I really respect the fact it wan’t sugar coated. My case resolved amicably. I am beyond pleased with Regina Hunter.


After I consulted with over 5 family law attorneys I made the decision to go with Regina. I strongly believe the decision to hire her directly impacted the favorable outcome of my family law dispute. Regina and her staff held themselves professionally, and always treated me with respect. I was always informed and up to speed when…Read More


I would absolutely recommend Regina Hunter based on my experience of having her handle my family law dispute. She displayed a great deal of character and professionalism. I was informed every step of the way. Regina made the situation the best it could be, and I am thrilled she represented me.


Regina Hunter was not my initial attorney for my alimony case. I was not satisfied with my attorney prior to hiring regina. The hiring of Regina was a decision that I am glad I made. She was courteous. You can tell she cares about each and every client. She was professional was my ex-wife’s attorney, and made…Read More


Ms. Hunter handles everything in my divorce case. She handled child custody, child support, and alimony. I must say I am glad she is the one that handled it. I received excellent treatment from her staff. Ms. Hunter is extremely knowledgable with the law and it shows.


Attorney Regina Hunter provided excellent legal service. Regina Hunter is extremely knowledgable and treated me wonderfully. I recommend Regina Hunter. I have utilized various attorneys in various practice areas, and Regina Hunter stands above all of them


When my ex-husband and I decided to file for divorce I was in dire need of an attorney to protect my rights. I did a lot of online research and asking around. I consulted with a few Tampa based family law attorneys. None of them impressed me the way Regina did though. It was an easy decision…Read More


I have been divorced for over a year. I was recently laid off from my work. Subsequently I would be unable to continue with the original child support agreement made when I initially filed for divorce. I contacted Ms. Hunter. She handled everything and filed a motion for the child support the be amended. Ms. Hunter was…Read More


I initially hired another attorney to handle my divorce and time sharing case. I had a sense of unease with my previous attorney. To have peace of mind I consulted with Regina Hunter. I immediately switched to her after our consultation. Regina did a fantastic job with my case and provided me with the time sharing I…Read More


Regina Hunter is through, professional, and a great attorney. Regina handled my case like it was the most important case to her Everyone in her office is friendly and insightful. I urge anyone in need of a divorce attorney to retain Regina Hunter.


Divorce was by far the worst time of my life. I was uncertain on the time to be allotted for me to spend with my children. A colleague of mine HIGHY urged I consult with Ms. Hunter. Regina was extremely thorough and professional. I knew she was the attorney to handle my case. The results obtained by…Read More


Gina was up against by stubborn pain in the butt ex wife who thought the world owed her everything and she played the victim. Gina got me what I deserved with no alimony to my ex wife, 50/50 custody of my kid and lower than normal child support payments! Gina is a no nonsense bulldog of an…Read More


Miss Hunter was the most reliable and honest attorney I have ever used. I went through a very complicated divorce and without her support and knowledge it would have been even more devastating than it already was. She guided me through each and every step of the process, her and her staff always kept me well informed…Read More

Mrs Hunter

“Mrs. Hunter was the most reliable and honest attorney I have ever used. She guided me through each and every step of the process, her and her staff always kept me well informed of upcoming hearings and things of that nature.”


“Regina is a no nonsense bulldog of an attorney and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!”


“Regina was extremely through and professional. I knew she was the attorney to handle my case. The results obtained by Mrs. Hunter were nothing short of spectacular.”


“Regina Hunter is thorough, professional, and a great attorney. Regina handled my case like it was the most important case to her. Everyone in her office is also very friendly and insightful.”


“Excellent is insufficient to explain the experience at Hunter Law. I was amazed by the law firm and the results yielded to me for my divorce case.”


“I wish I could give Hunter Law more than five stars. Regina Hunter is brilliant, tough, has an absolute mastery of all the legal nuance and truly cares about protecting her clients.”


“Excellent job, very satisfied with the outcome. Hunter Law is the real deal!”