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At Hunter Law your family is personal to us. We understand the devastating events and family issues that may arise during this difficult time. We move you through the process by negotiation, litigation or mediation. In the Tampa area we work tirelessly for you to protect your rights and fight for your best interests.

Take the first step and make that initial call if you’re in the Tampa, FL 33674 area. We represent the following areas of family law.

Alimony – Hunter Law attorneys will help negotiate support (alimony) agreements as part of the divorce proceedings. In most cases, the higher earner passes resources to the lower earner. Determining fair, equitable alimony requires a host of factors and financial disclosures. It helps to have the expertise and experience of family law attorneys. Hunter Law in the Tampa area will work closely and fairly with you with alimony concerns.

Child Support – It is the payment from one spouse to the other for the support of children after a divorce 504 or separation. The federal government requires all states to adopt child support guidelines. The formula considers parenting time of each parent, income of each parent, number of children, unusual medical expenses, daycare, insurance, among other factors. 

Child support ends once the child reaches the age of majority or if the child has been emancipated by the court. Talk to a Hunter Law child support attorney in the [zip_short_code] if you need legal assistance. 

Modification – At times significant factors in the case change. The court may grant modifications to child support, visitation, parenting plans, and sometimes alimony if there are substantial and permanent changes in circumstances.

Regarding the modification of parenting plans, post-judgment issues can often be worked out through mediation. It helps to have the experience and Hunter Law expertise if you find it necessary to make modifications to child visitations, time-sharing agreements or financial agreements. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you need legal assistance with child support modifications in Tampa, 33674 Call: +1(813)-499-1066

Parenting Plans – It’s important to have well-crafted, meaningful parenting agreements that detail each parents’ rights and responsibilities relating to the best interests of children involved. Parenting responsibilities can be given to a sole parent or shared between both parents. These may include how a child is educated, whether they’re brought up in a religious environment, how a child is disciplined and healthcare decisions.

Time-sharing agreements are detailed plans that lay out how, when and where a child spends time with each parent. These time-sharing schedules are specific, binding plans unless there is a mutually agreed change that ensures family wellness. At Hunter Law we are committed to help make sure your child feels love and support from both parents. We can help you create a parenting agreement that minimizes complications and maximizes happiness.

Prenuptial Agreements – Agreements are often referred to as ‘premarital or antenuptial agreements’. They are binding agreements entered into prior to marriage. These agreements generally apply to economic issues that may arise at the dissolution of a marriage. They may include division of property and spousal support (alimony).

Read more about what makes a marriage a valid contract and what makes a voluntary marriagehere.

Divorce – Divorce can happen for any reason and it’s not generally in our plans or a process one looks forward to. A divorce affects every aspect of a couple’s lives including career choices, savings, care and education of the children and overall well-being.

Hunter Law divorce and family law attorneys offer services and support throughout this difficult process. Our compassionate lawyers are committed to seeing that you are treated fairly. We can help analyze all agreements, negotiations and prepare you for any testimony you may need to give in private settings on in court.

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Common Areas of Conflict in Divorce – Prepare for divorce by answering some of thefollowing questions. While not easy to answer, they will help in preparation of final preparation of finalizing a divorce.

  • What is the cause of the divorce?
  • How will assets be divided?
  • What rights and responsibilities does each parent have to any children?
  • Will protection orders be filed?

As each divorce is unique to the couple and their circumstances, answering these Questions will be personal and important in the finalization of the divorce. Read more here about these common areas of conflict.

Collaborative Divorce – An alternative choice to a traditional divorce is a Collaborative divorce. This process is for couples who are willing to consider voluntary negotiations over litigation in court. Neither spouse interacts with a judge and can’t be compelled into any decision unless the process is abandoned.

Hunter Law divorce attorneys may recommend the collaborative divorce when agreement is possible. The process involves both parties sharing a table and giving their perspective of asset and childcare issues. Lawyers and others retained to be present will help to develop a plan that meets both parties needs.

Marriage License Requirements – The two parties must obtain a license and pay a fee. A premarital preparation course is made available to the couple and may reduce the fee. It also allows the couple to waive the otherwise mandatory three day waiting period between the license being issued and the ceremony.

A Florida marriage has certain ceremony requirements. The ceremony may be limited or elaborate and an officiant (clergy member or public official, notary) conducts the ceremony. Witnesses are present and an exchange of promises are shared between both parties.

Hunter Law attorneys can help you through any questions you have concerning marriage licenses in Tampa, Florida and ensure that your marriage license is valid.

Paternity, Enforcement, Contempt, Domestic Violence – Hunter Law family law attorneys also give legal support in these important areas. If you are experiencing a Family law issue pertaining to any of the above, we are here with answers and legal support.

Our family law attorneys are ready to assist you with legal consultation. Our offices are located in Tampa, FL, a short drive from Tampa, Florida 33674. Hunter Law is committed to excellence and integrity in service Call: +1(813)-499-1066

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