Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Severe injuries are not unique to motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Although the dynamics of this type of accident can be different from an automobile accident.  Evidence of the differences can be noted in the types of injuries that have been commonly catalogued in motorcycle and bicycle riders.

Identifying how a motorcycle accident injury occurred and demonstrating the cause to an insurance company or a jury can make the difference in the amount of financial compensation.  At Hunter Law we investigate each motorcycle and bicycle case beginning to end.  We combine medical evidence and evidence gathered from the accident scene in an effort to build a clear case for your financial compensation and recovery.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Below we highlight several common motorcycle accident injuries we expect to see originating from accidents involving motorcycles or bicycles.

Broken Bones

Riders will often be thrown from a motorcycle in a crash.  Leg fractures are common, as are broken arms or broken wrists.  The fractures can become more complicated if the bone breaks the surface of the skin, causing lacerations and damage to ligaments and nerves.  Some cases will involve such severe damage to tendons and muscle that it will be necessary for the limb to be amputated.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body.  The spine is protected by vertebrae which can become damaged or cracked in the bicycle accident.  This can be very serious and potentially cause paralysis.  The extent of the damage will depend on the location of the motorcycle accident injury and whether or not the entire spinal cord suffered damage.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Often Result in Traumatic Brain Injury

Motorcycle and bike accidents will often involve head trauma ranging from mild to severe, all dependent on the nature of the accident.

Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) will often refer to injuries in which there has been a loss of consciousness that has lasted a short time.  It will be unusual for periods of post-traumatic memory loss to last for a period of more than a day.  But it is possible to sustain traumatic brain injury in which there has been no loss of consciousness. And these are often overlooked by a rider.

Symptoms of brain injuries include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Behavioral changes

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