I started my journey almost four years ago with David. A divorce that involved Military, children, and retirement was not easy to contest with. However, David took the time, explained everything step by step and even humored me with the “what if’s.” I told him what I wanted and we did not deviate from that course. He dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” and checked that punctuation. The exclamation point being me getting my kids! I then went back to David because I was moving and needed to request permission to leave the state. Once again, he told me the truth, that it was not guaranteed even if I had majority “time sharing.” Again, we stayed the course and with other circumstances that arose that benefited my position, David took full advantage of them putting to an end an almost 4 year battle. A battle which has blessed me with my kids, holding my ex accountable to her financial obligation to our kids, and the ability to move with them with out issue from my ex or the state. I am thankful for his hard work and dedication to my case and I am even more thankful that he helped secure my children and my continued growth in my career. Thank you….

Michael J